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Men have had vasectomies in our clinic for over 20 years. We are the most well established vasectomy clinic on Sydney's North Shore, and have performed over 15,000 vasectomies. Ask any of our clients regarding our excellent and professional services.  Our expertly trained and caring staff will care for you before, during and after the minimally invasive vasectomy procedure.    Vasectomy can usually be undertaken as an office based procedure under local anaesthetic or IV sedation, if preferred.


Vas structures are located within the scrotum. You need to be examined by a doctor to check this procedure will suit you.


Minimally invasive approach as an awake procedure or under sedation


Safe effective permanent contraception with low risk of complications


Be back at work the next day and back on your bike after 2 weeks!


Full function regained quickly as with other minor surgical procedures


Our caring team is always available to answer your questions and see you at your request

Evidence for what we do
  • You can have a vasectomy (quick, safe and reliable procedure) for permanent birth control and take responsibility for contraception in your relationship. Our clients will testify that we give an excellent service. There is no reliable evidence to suggest that vasectomy is a risk factor for other health problems such as prostate cancer, or other problems. In fact, most couples report an improvement in sex life due to lack of inhibition (no fear of pregnancy). There are different surgical techniques for vasectomy and evidence suggests that a minimally invasive approach (no scalpel or micro-incision technique) is superior in terms in terms of patient satisfaction and reduced risk of complications.

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