Is contraceptive on the ‘up’ for men?

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For many years now contraception has heavily relied on women being proactive and taking the lead, as there are a lot more options available to females.  When you say contraception for men, the options are currently condoms or a vasectomy but what does the future hold in terms of providing more options for men to have safe sex? Studies on numerous methods of contraception are currently being tested and trialled, but how are future contraception options going to assist men?

Vasalgel could one day be an alternative option for men wishing to have a vasectomy, the main difference being it will be most likely reversible!  Vasalgel requires injecting the vas deferens (the tube that carries the sperm) with a polymer gel solution. If at any stage in the future the patient decides he would like to have children, a follow up procedure involving another injection with a substance that dissolves the polymer gel will be administered.

The contraceptive pill has been available for many years for women but it could also soon be available for men as ‘Clean Sheets’ contraceptive pill is currently being put to the test on animals.  As you can probably tell by the name, the pill will mean men have a semen free orgasm, which could significantly reduce the transmission of HIV, which could be revolutionary!  The pill would be required to be taken several hours before sexual intercourse and will be effected for up 24 hours later.

Ultrasound treatment is also currently being trialled and works by applying an ultrasound to the testes for a short period of time (approximately 15 minutes), this process shuts down the production of sperm.  The downside to the treatment is that the patient is likely to require many sessions before the treatment is effective

Adjudin is a drug that targets the cells in the male testes. This causes the cells to die, making the sperm infertile.  The best thing about this drug it does not affect the testosterone levels of the patient.

Gamendazole is also another contraceptive pill that may be available to men in the future.  Gamendazole will work in much the same way by temporarily making the male infertile but this will be reversible once you cease taking the pill.

The future holds a lot of promise for assisting men and couples with contraception, which should ultimately continue to reduce unwanted pregnancy and STD/STI’s such as Chlamydia, which is currently on the rise and at an all-time high.  Although the future holds possible ground breaking options, it is still imperative to make sure your contraception needs are covered now from both a STD/STI and birth control perspective.  Your GP should be able to discuss options with you and there are also clinic’s such as Clinic 66 that specialize in all you contraception needs.