RecoveryDuring the first 4 days, you will be asked to have a quiet time at home, spending more time horizontal than vertical, and keeping the scrotum dry. Please avoid significant immersion in water. The small wound will be dressed immediately after the procedure with a waterproof dressing so that you can shower, but this dressing is not able to withstand soaking in a bath. Discomfort should be managed with panadol/paracetamol based pain killers. Applying ice (a packet of frozen peas) to the scrotum is very effective in reducing swelling and inflammation, in the first 2 days. Healing is slowed by stress, excessive activity, smoking and excessive alcohol ingestion. One of our clinical staff will ring you, the following day to check that you have no immediate problems or queries.

The first week should see dramatic resolution of swelling and discomfort. The colors of bruising will persist up to 10-14 days. Most men find they do not require pain relief after day 4. If you have persistent pain or swelling on day 5 it is important that you contact us and arrange to be seen as soon as possible. You will be given an out of hours number so that you can contact us at any time. We aim to provide high quality medical care and would like to know if you have had any particular issues during your experience. We follow up patients by telephone in the recovery period and offer a follow up appointment in the clinic to everyone if they wish to be reviewed.

After a vasectomy you are still FERTILE and you should continue using contraception until we have laboratory evidence that your ejaculate has NO sperm in it. When you leave the clinic on the day of your procedure you will be given a pathology form and a sample jar (for an ejaculate sample )which needs to be dropped off at a pathology collection office 2 months later. The results will be sent to our clinic, and checked by one of our doctors, if the specimen is clear, you will be sent a letter confirming that you no longer need to use contraception.