To V, or Not to V, That is the Question?

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Guys what is your most prized, cherish thing in this world? A car, bike, tickets to a cup final, girlfriend, wife maybe your kids?  Well it seems that as soon as the ‘V’ word is mentioned, many men would definitely vouch for their balls being their most prized and valuable possession!  To most men the word Vasectomy is instantly translated into thoughts of excruciating pain and strong urges to run in the opposite direction!!!

To many men, vasectomy is up there with the debilitating condition man flu and is thought to be even worse, why is that?  To many men just putting their trust in someone to handle their scrotum, let alone with surgical implements is enough to give them nightmares!  Thoughts of lying on a table with your cleanly shaved crown jewels on display, being totally out of control while Dr Chop snips away, there really is no wonder that some men won’t even entertain the idea of a vasectomy with these preconceived ideas.

But fella’s is getting the snip really that bad?  It is human nature that our thoughts must be reality but this is quite often far from the truth, which is the case with vasectomy.  Qualified doctors and medical staff that perform vasectomies are experienced and well-rehearsed with the big ‘V’ and don’t even give your genitalia a second thought; your scrotum is just another day at the office and nothing that doctors haven’t already seen a thousand times over.  The procedure is so quick, that you may even be disappointed in the amount of limelight your precious cargo actually gets.  I can’t promise that you will be skipping out of the clinic after the procedure, but the discomfort afterwards is easily managed with painkillers. Just think of how much sympathy you can get from your nearest and dearest for making such a sacrifice, but really knowing that it wasn’t that bad at all!!

To put vasectomy into perspective, just think of your recent visit to the dentist.  If it was anything like mine, you would have had your mouth prized wide open, a large needle stuck in your gum several times, water sprayed in your face and a drill whirring in your head and then at the end you are asked to wash your mouth out, even though you can’t feel your lips and your mouth feels the size of a football! You just endured all of this whilst being wide awake and struggling to catch your breath between drills.  Just when you think it’s all over, you then have to navigate trying to eat and drink for the next two hours while your lips are like inner tubes and your mouth feels numb.  So how does this compare to having a vasectomy? Well I’m not going to lie and tell you that it will be a fantastic day out but I can tell you that you will not feel a thing during the procedure and within next to no time you will be having something to eat and drink minus the inner tube lips!

Come on guys, stop your imaginations running wild for just a minute, a vasectomy could be the perfect answer for you and your spouse.  If you have finished having your family or certain that you do not want a family, vasectomy could really be the ultimate option for you.  No more condoms or concerns that your wife or girlfriend has forgotten to take the contraceptive pill.  Sex with no risk of pregnancy, is sure to spice up any sex life, the only sacrifice being a quick, safe and painless procedure that has minimal discomfort afterwards.  Say goodbye to swimmers and call to discuss a vasectomy today!