anatomy-contentA vasectomy is performed with the aim of preventing the passage of sperm along the spermatic cord. This is done by picking up the vas which is located just under the scrotal skin, and cutting the tube. In some cases the ends are left open but in most the ends are tied with surgical stitches and the ends sealed with heat which studies show increases effectiveness. The 2 new ends are then positioned away from each other and a small piece of tissue positioned over one of the ends to discourage rejoining. This is called fascial apposition. After the procedure the vas is then released into the scrotum.

There are different surgical techniques available for vasectomy and evidence suggests that a no scalpel or micro-incision approach is superior in terms of patient satisfaction and risk of complications. Open ended vasectomy refers to the fact that when the vas deferens is divided, the end closest to the testicle is left open, which allows for slight leakage of spermatic fluid. This is referred to as an open ended vasectomy and it appears that an open ended vasectomy is less likely to cause postoperative pain.  At Sydney Vasectomy Clinic we always use a minimally invasive approach and provide an open ended vasectomy.

Scrotal skin heals very well as it is the only skin on the body that does not pull apart during healing. This is why stitches are not needed on the skin layer. At Sydney Vasectomy Clinic we feel that the procedure should be extremely effective at providing permanent contraception, with short term effect on general well being and sexual function. At Sydney Vasectomy Clinic we offer a minimally invasive approach, i.e. micro-incision, which is a single very small mid-line incision close to the embryological scar tissue, or a no scalpel technique, which is where the vas is brought to the surface using a pair of special forceps. We operate on one vas at a time by ligating (tying), dividing (cutting), and applying diathermy (sealing) the 2 new ends. These ends are then separated by fascial apposition to reduce the chance of vasectomy failure.

All men undergoing vasectomy will have local anaesthetic into the midline of the scrotal skin and into the vas on either side. This stings initially for about 5 seconds before the area goes numb. We offer intravenous sedation for vasectomy. This is recommended to provide general relaxation , sleep, and also loosening of the scrotal skin which means that the procedure is easier.