Vasectomy TimelineAn initial appointment is required for our male clients to talk to one of our doctors. During this consultation, the doctor will explain the procedure, recovery and suitability for the procedure. A history of previous surgery or trauma to the genitalia is particularly relevant. The doctor will also explain the possible risks both short and long term and the chance of these happening. The doctor will ask about your health, check your blood pressure and examine your scrotum to check that the vas deferens can be felt easily (which helps us to ascertain whether the procedure will be straight forward). If the doctor feels that there are medical or anatomical issues you may be referred onto a urologist so that the procedure can be done under general anaesthesia.  It is also possible to have the consultation on the same day as the procedure itself.  If this is your preference, you can request this when making the booking with reception.  Please be aware that if you book yourself in for a vasectomy to have the consultation and procedure on the same day, it may be necessary to defer your procedure, if you are not deemed suitable to have this done as an office based procedure.

Shaving the hair in the area of the scrotum is required as this helps to reduce the chance of infection and so helps rapid healing. We ask you to do this 2 days before the procedure, and we will provide you with clear instructions regarding the area that’s needs your attention. An iodine solution will be used to wash the area at the beginning of the procedure and this can irritate if the shaving is very recent. We have found from experience that depilatory creams can cause irritation and inflammation to very delicate skin on the scrotum, and are best avoided. Don’t worry if you are unsure if your shaving is adequate as we can always do some additional shaving when you are in the clinic.

The day before you will be contacted and given a firm time to plan to arrive at the clinic. If you are having sedation you will also be given a time that is 6 hours before the expected sedation, from which you will be asked to have nothing to eat or drink (this includes water, cigarettes and chewing gum). This is very important as it prevents serious problems during sedation.

On the day, remember to be starved from the requested time, and arrange how you will get home from the clinic after the procedure. If you have had sedation you will NOT be able to drive and will need someone to pick you up, or have funds for a taxi.

After arrival you will be initially seated in the waiting room. A doctor will come to meet you and have a brief discussion about the procedure and aftercare. The sedationist will also assess you for safety during the procedure. Then you will be asked to change in private into a gown from waist down and put your clothes and personal items in a basket. Then you will walk through into the theatre and will be introduced to the doctors and nurses involved in your care. During the procedure you will be lying down on your back and we will endeavor to keep you comfortable throughout. Often men sleep through the procedure and are amazed when the procedure is finished.