What Lengths Would You Go To, To Get A Bigger Penis?

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Its common knowledge that many men around the globe would like the possibility of enhancing their manhood, given the opportunity.  Just like the endless women that are seeking breast enhancements, penis enhancements could very well be the next big thing to hit cosmetic surgery clinics for men, thanks to something called Priapus Shot.  The Priapus Shot was named after the Greek god of fertility.

A numbing cream is applied to the penis and while that takes effect, blood is drawn from the patients arm.  The blood is then transferred into a centrifuge (which separates the platelets), the platelets are then mixed with a few drops of calcium chloride solution. The solution makes the platelets believe that they are still in the body and that it has been injured.  As a consequence, the platelets release growth factors and this is then injected into the penis in several places.  The Priapus Shot claims to make the penis bigger (including length and girth) by up to 20%. The one off procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, resulting in an immediate and permanent enlarged penis! The treatment claims to also straighten, strengthen, increase circulation, sensation and pleasure of the penis. This will also aid men that suffer with erectile dysfunction. Patients are then required to use a penis pump for 10 minutes a day for up to two months after the procedure.  The procedure is currently costing American patients $US1,500.

Currently in Australia the only sexual surgical procedure available is a vasectomy, which is also said to aid sexual pleasure and performance.  But when the Priapus Shot does hit Australian clinics, there will many men considering this procedure to boost their confidence in the bedroom.  But the question is, is it all ‘ups’ with the Priapus Shot or are there some ‘downs’?  Dr Emma Boulton from Sydney Vasectomy Clinic provides her opinion on this latest procedure.

“Platelet Rich Plasma is an interesting substance which has gained popularity mainly in sports medicine for management of musculoskeletal injuries. It is also popular in cosmetic medicine and is commonly used in beauty clinics as part of range of products sold at a premium price for anti ageing treatments.  General consensus in the scientific community regarding value of using PRP is “promising but not proven”. As with many new therapies, until rigorous scientific evidence has been amassed, they remain unendorsed by the scientific community.  However, lack of evidence of effectiveness is not the same as evidence of lack of effectiveness.  So, if you are really fixated on your penis and your concern about the size is really bothering you, then undoubtedly you will be able to find someone to give you penile PRP injections.  However, there is no promise that it will work!”